Agneya Wellness Products
(a unit of Agneya Agro and Engineering Limited)

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 Our Services


Inter-Being is a social initiative under Agneya Wellness Products,Which stands on the philosophy of building a vibrant,healthy and compassionate societ where people live in harmony,which is a natural state of ease with oneself,with one another and with nature.

Nutrition and Dietics

We offer awareness sessions on Food and Nutrition.

  • Diet Counselling (Coporates,Schools)
  • Family Diet Charts
  • Detox Programmes
  •  Chronic Diseases and Control

Mental Health

Awareness session on the importance of mental health.

  • Psycho Somatic Diseases
  • Habit Change
  • Change Management
  • Thinking and Learning for Schools Children/Teachers

Expressive Art Therapy

Based on the idea that body and mind are corelational,it is a process of discovering ourselves through specific art forms which releases your feelings,clear ones mind and raise ones spirit.

Fitness / Yoga

Awareness session on Fitness

Yoga Classes